The Group had substantial revenue generated from share-based income during the financial year ended 31 May 2020, and consequently, the Group had available-for-sale of financial assets (“financial assets”). As reported by the audited Financial Statements as on 31 May 2020, the total financial assets weighted at fair value under IFRS amounted to approximately USD 22.9 million. 


Marcus LUER


TES is building the largest Gaming & Esports Exco-system in the developing world, across over 1 billion Gamers in South-East Asia, India and Middle-East & North Africa. 

This ranges from Gaming platforms like D11 & Hubber to Esports Teams (PSG ESPORTS RoV in Thailand), to NFT games and other content platforms. Thru the process we are building a career paths for Gamers & Streamers from casual Gaming to Pro-players. 

TES is combining the power of Sports and Entertainment IP with the booming Gaming/Esports sectors.

TES is brokering deals between Game Publishers and the world's top IP owners in Sports and Entertainment (film & music), including integrating 3rd party IP into the Games ie. skins, avatars and other items which will be monetized within games.

TES works with:

- Developers & Publishers like Tencent, Activision Blizzard, Garena, Moonton for In-Game advertising and unique branding opportunities online and at offline events

- Influencers & KOLs like Ninja for endorsement and licensing partnerships 

- Platform owners like Twitch for content creation & media rights


- TES has co-invested in its own platforms in MENA and SEA and provides unique brand and content partnerships

- ESports Teams and Gamers/Streamers like Team Liquid, FazeClan and has launched its own first team (PSG ESPORTS RoV) for partnerships with brands and sponsors