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The Group had substantial revenue generated from share-based income during the financial year ended 31 May 2023, and consequently, the Group had available-for-sale of financial assets (“financial assets”). As reported by the audited Financial Statements as on 31 May 2023, the total financial assets weighted at fair value under IFRS amounted to approximately USD 47 million. 


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Professor Michael Wong

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Yilinhui Artworks Marketing Inc

Yilinhui ( was co-founded by Professor Michael Wong, a Chinese-borne antique enthusiast, and Wang Family Trust from Taiwan. Professor Wong has been working alongside the elite socialites of the Ultra-High-Net-Worth, and is very close  to art department of the Rockerfellar Family Trust as well as world renowned aunction houses such as Sotheby’s and Christine’s.  


​ Wang Family Trust who has been generations of antique art collector from Taiwan is very optimistic about the  future of contemporary art in the form of NFTs. As such Yilinhui took the initiative to enter the “verse” on high notes recently with LWH’s effort in getting them to be the backer and supporter for Builderverse, a highly potential Gamefi group and build together the community. (


LWH was awarded 5% of Builderverse Utility Coin, namely Builder Coin (BLDR). On the other hand, LWH’s spin-off, Falconer Family Office (FFO) has also successfully brokered the sales of Zhang Da Qian’s Boddhisatva painting from YilinHui’s collection of art , which was worth USD 6 million at that point of time in exchange for 300 million BLDR. 


“It’s absolutely amazing how this new segment soar in just so short period. While all the modern catchy arts out there are reaching out into this explosive “verse” idea, Yilinhui would want to be the pioneer, if not first, to digitalise antique art pieces and enter the  Gamefi world.” Says Professor Wong. “As Builderverse’s tag line: Everyone can be a builder”.

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