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LWH Consulting Group Limited is a private limited company. LWH together with its subsidiaries, that is our Group is principally engaged in provision of financial and business consulting services to clients who are seeking public listing or mergers & acquisition to assist in the development or expansion of their businesses.


  • We provide full range of Listing Consulting services.

  • We assist our clients to achieve the largest market value for listing in a short period.

  • Consultant on listing in the three major International Financial Centres.

  • Professional supporting services:

    • Tax planning

    • Ring-fencing clients’ family assets​

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Step Well Advisory Group

  • Our predecessor Group established since 1998

  • Provide a solution to Chinese speaking business communities in Asia by promoting the RTO route to access the US capital market since 1998


  • Arden Wealth & Trust (Switzerland), for provision of Swiss regulated asset management platforms.

  • A licensed asset manager in Zurich, Switzerland.

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  • Allow us to access the innovative Swiss fintech platform.


  • Enable us to deliver a full range of Listing Consulting services to our clients.


  • Arden Wealth & Trust (Switzerland), for provision of Swiss regulated asset management platforms

  • A licensed asset manager in Zurich, Switzerland


  • PKF Littlejohn LLP provision of Audit services for our proposed listed clients on EU and UK recognized exchanges

  • Top 10 professional firm in UK by the Corporate Consultant ranking guide


In view of the global COVID-19 Pandemic, the significance of  “New Economies” becomes prominent. That is, companies in the ICT industries will be the rising focuses of the worldwide capital markets.  As such, we have initiated a new strategic move by targeting ICT entrepreneurs in Asia.

To assist these entrepreneurs to execute their business plans, we receive majority of our compensation in form of their prelisting shares.

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New strategy to target ICT entrepreneur in Asia with traits of:

  • Sufficient knowledge of modern global business environment & same vision with global ICT / FinTech gaints 

  • Excellent management track record in the past

  • Unique & irreplaceable

  • Average business valuation > EUR 300 million

  • Suitable for listing on London Stock Exchange (Standard Listing) with minimal market capitalisation of GBP 100 million


Falconer Family Office

​Translate the best possible, defensible, future value of your business into growth capital

  • A UK-based boutique Strategic Financing and Startup  Consulting Service firm specializing in high-value start-ups globally

  • Provides LWH current and future clients’ pre-IPO placements opportunities via equities and debts

  • Creates synergy to LWH by speeding up clients’ IPO timelines


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Dr. Po Wah CHOW

Non Executive Director and Chairman, Professional Investor

  • Responsible for the oversight of our corporate governance.

Ms. Carmen LUM

Executive Director and Chief Operational Officer

  • Expertise in provision of financial services to multinational clients.


  • Oversees LWH’s operations.


Mr. Veng Kun LUN 

Chief Executive Officer

  • Group founder

  • Responsible for overall strategic planning of the business.

  • Expertise in tax planning and treasury management solutions for our clients.


Executive Director, Secretary and Chief Financial Officer

  • Responsible for overall financial operations and financial reporting management.

  • CPA in Hong Kong and Australia.

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