LWH Advisory was incorporated under the applicable law in Macau on 11 October 2016 by founder Mr. Lum Veng Kun. Our management team member Mr. Lum Veng Kun was appointed as the sole director of the company. LWH Advisory is the operation arm of the group. LWH Advisory commenced business on 1 November 2016 by provision of business consulting service to Mainland Chinese and  Taiwanese customers who were pursuing business expansion by way of acquisition of US OTCQB listed vehicle and then jumpstart such vehicles with new business operations. In particular, LWH Advisory advises our clients in performing: a) due diligence background check of the listed vehicles together with US SEC lawyers and PCAOB public accounting firms; b) identification of sound business ideas to be jumpstarted; c) secondment of competent CEOs and CFOs and COOs to fulfill SEC reporting and compliance and to jumpstart their new businesses.




LWH Consulting Group PLC (Company Number :11798282)

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